February 21, 2024

If it’s your first time building a leather motorcycle or shopping for that jacket, you can go into the experience with little information and a lot of questions. Many of Motostrano’s customers come to us looking for a suit with recommendations and recommendations from their friends, and most of them don’t know what a good quality suit is. We ask you to ignore these suggestions or comments because kartexsuits they may ultimately affect your purchase decision, but we ask you to consider some new information. Think for a moment about what your friends may not be experiencing.

A skin suit or two is usually a sufficient investment for most riders. 

For price alone, most riders don’t own a quality suit jacket, let alone a suit jacket. It’s safe to say that most road riders ride with less than ideal gear. This fact makes driving without any real safety equipment other than a helmet a step above the rest. However, we believe you should own and use the best cycling gear for you. Other than that, your gear should suit your needs, riding style and, most importantly, you.

We often wonder what is the difference between low-class clothes and high-class clothes. It depends on the characteristics of the suit, the quality of the leather, the quality of the interior of the suit, the quality of the equipment (if there are signs of wear), the type and size of the suit. The more expensive the material and the longer it takes, the more expensive the garment will be. As with anything, you tend to get what you pay for, and a poorly made suit will not only be less protective, but won’t last as long with regular use.

Features to look out for in wool;

* Leather, cow, kangaroo or goat type

* Skin thickness and fat mass

* Types of ventilation and good features

* Type of cover and protection

* Type of spine protection, air mound or insert

* Sliding type and force

* Type and number of stitches.

* Inner cover, removable

* Keep a pocket or lock to protect your back

* Stretchy material is used

The first thing you need to know about motorcycle:

Safety gear is that leather, cowhide or kangaroo leather will always protect any type of clothing. Textile motorcycle gear is lightweight, comfortable, easy to put on and off, and breathable, but there’s no reason why any professional or amateur rider shouldn’t use textile gear on the track these days. Clothes and jackets do not protect the driver and skin in an accident. Today’s suit manufacturers use fabric materials in low impact or pressure areas such as the sleeves, groyne, and of course the lining of the suit.

The properties of leather make it very difficult to burn or flake when cut. 

That’s not to say you can’t use cloth fabrics for casual road riding, but they offer more protection than any leather. Different types of leather and thickness of leather are used by all manufacturers.

A leather garment worn on the body appears as a very thick second skin. 

Stitched into the leather, protective armour is strategically placed to provide extra protection for any heavy leather clothing, followed by stretch panels and linings to keep you comfortable and cool. In the event of an accident, the skin protects the skin from frictional effects and slides that damage the skin. Impact armour is meant to absorb as much impact as possible.

The top tire is thicker and softer, making it easier and more comfortable to drive than a hard tire. Thin, soft leather takes less time to break into a suit than heavy leather. Thin skin can be very comfortable, but is not completely safe now, or if it is, it is an “emergency” garment.

Leather suits are usually offered in “one-piece” and “two-piece” versions. 

A one-piece skirt offers the best protection of the two, due to fewer seams that can be exposed to impact. A two-piece suit is more versatile than a one-piece suit, which can be cut at the waist and worn as a singlet. Some manufacturers, such as Alpinestars, can combine style-specific jackets and pants to create the perfect outfit. Yes, it is

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