March 22, 2023
Personal Loans

Know How Technology Is Helping to Access Personal Loans Easily

The development of website technology over time has massively benefited the finance sector and its method of service delivery. This has radically transformed how business and its management are done. The internet has made it possible for financial institutions to grow by attaining better access to more consumers. Thus enhancing financial inclusion.

For instance, 10 years ago, attaining a personal loan was regarded by the users as task taking as it required adequate research to figure out financial institutions. That offered personal loans as per your suitability and preference. 

However, this may no longer be considered relevant. The emergence of digital personal loans, along with a plethora of free instruments and calculators at the disposal of the user. Has made applying for personal loan simpler. But ensure that while applying and getting approval for a personal loan has become tougher. There’s massive punishment for nonpayment of personal loan in the form of penalty. 

Have a look at how the technology has transformed the process of opting for a personal loan – 

Comparing lenders has become an extremely effortless task. 

Applying for a personal loan now is simpler than before. There has been an increase in the new competitors providing comparable loan instruments. Owing to the RBI’s decision to allow NBFCs to operate in retail lending marketplaces. Hence, now borrowers have various options.

You might simply compare and get the info on personal loan rates, maximum loan amount, eligibility needs and others. As an outcome, you can determine which option best meets your financial requirements. 

Simple personal loan application

Long gone are the days of applying for a personal loan individually and negotiating. The rate of interest and repayment terms with lenders at a bank branch. You can now place online personal loan applications from the comfort of your home. From authentication to approval, every action is managed online using the technology. You must offer the required KYC documents involving PAN card, income proof, AADHAAR card. Bank account statement and various other documentation.

The lender will then authenticate such documents after receiving your application. And then approve the loan in case you are eligible. For both the borrowers and lenders. This easily streamlines the procedure and removes the requirement for physical documentation as it is easier to keep thorough track of all the alterations and changes.  

Fast loan approvals 

It has become simpler for lenders to issue a personal loan if you are a qualified borrower. As they have direct access to your credit history via credit information companies like CIBIL. Moreover, as most applicants have their Aadhaar card and PAN card now linked with their bank accounts and mobile numbers.

The lender’s authentication process moves along the way quickly. Time-consuming processes like manual document authentication, physical verification, secure document storage, etc., have become obsolete by the technology.

With the introduction of the digital personal loan. All the info that is entered by the borrowers on the online platform is digitally authenticated by the lender. This led to a considerable fall in the probability of mistakes. Higher process efficiencies result in speedier personal loan approval and better customer service.

Free to use online instruments

You now can instantly estimate your online personal loan EMI and the maximum amount that you can borrow depending on certain. Simple parameters using the free online calculators and instruments like the personal loan EMI calculator.

For the loan borrowers, this highly ameliorates the transparency and convenience across the loan application procedure. You can simply determine the EMI proceed for different repayment terms by using the EMI calculator. You then can select a tenure that will lead to EMI repayments that fall in your comfort zone.

An in-depth representation and a proper breakdown of the EMIs in the form of interest constituent and principal. Component for a selected loan repayment tenure are shown to you if you use the EMI calculator in the form of an amortization schedule. 

Flexible loan repayment tenure and digital support 

You, as an applicant, can completely personalize your loans by using the online digital platform as per your individual requirements. Involving the principal component, repayment options, payback duration, etc. For example, you can select between online and offline repayment modes. For the online EMI repayment, many of the applicants are encouraged.

To choose between auto debit through UPI, ECS, net banking and debit cards. By approaching the online digital lending markets, you can simply manage your digital personal loan easily. You even can get complete access to info like how much of your loan is outstanding. How much has been repaid already and others. Without having to completely go through the lender’s office. You can get solutions to answers to all your necessary questions online. 

Strong security 

For digital consumers, privacy is considere becoming a massive issue. Even as individuals who adjust to this specific digitization wave. You are usually concern’s that you would stand to lose considerably if your data were compromised.

As digital lenders are exclusively collaborating with NBFCs and banks to make investments in cutting-edge technologies. The basic priority is to offer the customers a good level of security. Before approving the loan, they make sure that you, as a borrower, go through complete due diligence seamlessly. 

Ending note

Digital lenders will continue experimenting with the newer technologies as they move ahead with further digitalization. Acceleration in digitization will surely make lending smoother and simpler for you. The lending ecosystem is just getting more sophisticated as customer preferences and behaviour evolves.

A valuable example of these innovations made by the fintech company is the BNPL (buy now, pay later) facility. Which allows customers to show without worrying about inadequate funds in their pocket at the purchase time.

BNPL instantly converts your bills into small manageable EMIs to minimize your financial stress or burden. Current upliftment in online personal loan applications has come across as a boon to both lenders and borrowers. Acceptance of such solutions is just growing and will soon become bigger than today. 

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