December 6, 2023

Numerology is so universally understood that it has been called “the language of the gods.”

You may be aware of some of the basics of Numerology if you’re at all versed in Astrology; the two are similar in many ways, สล็อตเว็บตรง although Numerology uses numbers rather than constellations to deduce meaning. Search for a numerologist near me for Numerology consultation.

The Past Can Be Revealed Through Numbers

Like many other ancient ideas, the history of numerology is shrouded in obscurity.

Egypt and Babylon may have been the first places where numerology was recorded on paper; thus, they have the best numerologist.

Numerology has been used for thousands of years in ancient cultures, เว็บตรงสล็อต including Greece, Rome, and Japan.

It is widely believed that the Greek philosopher Pythagoras was responsible for the modern system of numerology.

Though he didn’t invent Numerology per se, his ideas elevated numerical concepts to a new level. These ideas have led to Pythagoras being hailed as the father of modern numerology.

It was Dr. Julian Stenton who first used the term “Numerology.” He also drew attention to it in our present times.

Numerology has widespread use in the modern world, although its roots and early practitioners are mostly obscure.

How to work numerology into your regular schedule?

If you’re not already familiar with numerology, it can seem like a complex and intimidating subject to study. It is easier to incorporate the ideas and information you gain from the language of numbers into your everyday life if you first familiarise yourself with the symbols and meanings of each number (in numerology, each number is viewed as a symbol with a profound sense). Similarly to how astrology may be used as a roadmap for your day, numerology can also guide your actions.

For instance, as you learn the signs and symbols associated with numbers, you might find yourself paying greater attention to those concepts. One of these numbers is the angel number 1212, commonly known as the angel number 1212. Numerology considers this to be one of the best patterns that can occur.

Seeing the number 1212 is an angel’s way of encouraging you to take risks, step outside your comfort zone, and go after your goals. The cosmos guarantees that you’ll succeed in whatever you want.

Incorporating numerology into your daily life and using the power of numbers begins the moment you realise the significance of the numbers in your life and start paying attention to them.

There is always an opportunity for interpretation in numerology, just as in astrology; neither should be taken as a sign to act in a particular way or as a universal truth about who you are.

Divination is nothing more than an instructional guide or how-to book at its core. Remember that you should take these suggestions for the wisdom they are and not as a set of inflexible rules for self-improvement. You can look for numerologists in India. 

The “Big Three” in Numerology

  1. The most important factors that go into a numerologist’s reading are a person’s name and the date of their birth.

The place you were born or your citizenship status may be used against you. Reading something of this kind can shed light on your personality, history, and future.

  1. Numerology is frequently referred to as the “Language of Numbers” for a perfect reason.

Regarding numerology, each letter of the alphabet can be decoded in precisely the same way as a number. You may figure out the questions from the answers by working backward from them and converting the responses into numbers, such as “1 Equals A,” “2 = B,” and so on.

  1. Consider your astrological sun sign if you want to consider your life path number.

Your Life Path Number will be the result of the root number calculation that you perform on the date of your birth; this number will be your guide as you move on to the other numerology computations.


Numerology may, at first look, appear to be utterly strange, but it may be just as revealing as other, more conventional forms of astrology. When you know what you can accomplish and the areas in which you may use some work, you will have the confidence to take charge of your life and make the changes that will result in significant growth. After understanding the principles of numerology, you will become aware of the numerous applications for which it can be used.

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