December 7, 2023

If you’re like most digital marketers and business owners, you want to make sure your website is ranking as high as possible on search engine results pages (SERPs). After all, ranking higher means more visibility for your brand, which can lead to more traffic and conversions.

Unfortunately, many companies make common link building mistakes that can actually hurt their SERP ranking. In this blog post, we’ll highlight the top 7 link building mistakes and show you how to avoid them. Keep reading to learn more!

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1. Not Prioritizing Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to link building, quality should always come before quantity. That means that you should focus on getting links from high-quality websites rather than trying to get as many links as possible from any website you can find.

A premiere link building agency advised: to determine the quality of a website, look at its Domain Authority (DA). This metric, developed by Moz, shows how likely a website is to rank on SERPs. The higher the DA, the better.

In general, you should try to get links from websites with a DA of 50 or higher. However, if your own website has a low DA, you may want to aim for links from websites with a DA of 30 or higher.

2. Not Checking for Broken Links

When you’re trying to get links from other websites, it’s important to make sure those links are actually working. That means checking for broken links before you submit your own link.

Best SEO Company for Google Texas added that if a website has a lot of broken links, it’s likely not well-maintained and won’t be a good source for quality backlinks. On the other hand, if you can find websites with few or no broken links, that’s a good sign that they’re high quality and worth getting links from.

3. Ignoring Nofollow Links

Nofollow links are those that don’t pass along any link juice (or ranking power) to the linked-to website. In the past, some digital marketers and SEOs assumed that nofollow links weren’t worth pursuing.

However, we now know that Google does pay attention to nofollow links. SEO Services NYC added that while they may not help your website rank higher, they can still help you drive traffic and build relationships with other websites.

4. Not Building Links Naturally

When it comes to link building, it’s important to focus on quality over quantity. That means building links naturally, rather than trying to game the system by using shady tactics like link buying or link farms.

Building links naturally simply means creating high-quality content that other people want to link to. If you’re consistently creating useful, informative content, other websites will naturally link to it.

5. Relying on One Type of Link

If you’re only relying on one type of link (e.g., blog comments or guest posts), you’re not building a well-rounded link profile. Instead, you should focus on getting a variety of different types of links, including:

• Directory listings

• Resource pages

• Forum signatures

• Social media profiles

By diversifying the types of links you have, you’ll be able to build a stronger, more effective link profile overall.

6. Spamming Blog Comments

Blog comment spam is when someone leaves a comment on a blog post that is either irrelevant or promotional in nature. This is considered bad form and can actually hurt your link building efforts.

If you leave comments on blogs, make sure they’re thoughtful and add to the conversation. Otherwise, you run the risk of being considered a spammer.

7. Not Measuring Results

Finally, one of the biggest link building mistakes you can make is not measuring your results. Most professional link building services do this and if you’re not tracking your progress, you won’t be able to tell what’s working and what isn’t.

There are a few different metrics you can track to measure your link building progress, including:

• The number of links you’ve acquired over time

• The quality of the links you’ve acquired

• The traffic coming from your links

• The conversion rate from your links

By tracking these metrics, you’ll be able to see which link building tactics are most effective for your website.

Link building can be a great way to improve your website’s SERP ranking. However, it’s important to avoid making common mistakes that can ruin your efforts. By following the tips above, you can build high-quality links that will help your website rank higher and drive more traffic.

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