February 22, 2024

Young woman wearing golden jewelry. Golden necklace and golden rings.

Queen Elizabeth II was an iconic figure who had a deep love for jewellery. This is reflected in her collection of jewels and she had one of the most glamorous jewellery collection in the world. As we remember her fondly, let’s have a look at some of her favourite jewels from her jewellery collection.

The Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara

Among the many tiaras owned by the Queen, the Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara has to be her favourite. She wore it on her wedding day in 1947 when she walked down the aisle to marry to Prince Philip. The tiara had been lent to her by her grandmother Queen Mary. Since then, the tiara has become quite a fashion statement and has been worn by Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice for their wedding. The tiara has a striking design and features 47 bars of graduated diamonds separated by 46 spikes. The tiara has a modern look to it and looks elegant on the person who wears it.

Cullinan V Brooch

The Cullinan V Brooch is one of the most beautiful brooches owned by Queen Elizabeth II. It was bequeathed to her in the year of 1953 by Queen Mary. The brooch features a large diamond which was originally a part of the Cullinan diamond that was found in South Africa. This diamond was divided into several pieces, and the Cullinan V weighing 18.8 carats was incorporated into this beautiful brooch made in Edwardian Style platinum with laurels and scrolls. The Queen has often been spotted wearing it for several occasions.

Queen Elizabeth’s Engagement Ring

One of the most frequently worn jewels by the Queen include her engagement ring that was given to her by Prince Philip when he sked for her hand in marriage in the year of 1947. It has a beautiful and unique design and features 11 diamonds. Many custom engagement rings have been styled in a similar way by people who like to have a ring with a royal design. Queen Elizabeth’s engagement ring is simple yet beautiful. It has a large central diamond flanked by 5 smaller diamonds on either side which were sourced from Prince Philip’s mother’s tiara.

Diamond Wedding Gift Bracelet

Another favourite of the Queen’s jewels was gifted to her on her wedding day by Prince Philip as a wedding present. The Queen so loved it that she wore it often. The bracelet was made by using diamonds from Prince Philips mother’s dismantled tiara. The bracelet is one of its kind and pairs well with all royal outfits. Many people have taken inspiration from the design and tried to design something similar that matches with others quirky jewellery items such as a black diamond engagement ring.

Queen Elizabeth’s Festoon Necklace

One of the antique necklaces owned by Queen Elizabeth II was the Diamond Festoon Necklace that she wore on several occasions. It was commissioned by her father, King George V for her mother. The design is rather unique and consists of three layers of diamonds backed by silver and gold. This combination gives it a distinct and antique look.

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