February 29, 2024

Buying a motorcycle is no longer confined to the requirement of comfortable and cost-effective transportation purposes only. It is also about showing your personal style statement to the eyes of onlookers. As a bike enthusiast, you must have thought to catch widespread attention from people around your bike. And to make it happen, you might be considering modifying your ride, and that too after buying bike accessories online along with other additions.

So, if you are looking to add aftermarket parts and accessories to your bike for its end-to-end modification, then you should read this blog first. Here, we are sharing some precautionary measures to follow when thinking about buying your choice of motorcycle modification accessories and the required parts. It is crucial to follow the tips mentioned in this blog, before impacting the performance, handling, comfort, and safety of your motorcycle.

Let’s get started on the same.

Eight things to know before modifying your bike

It does not make a change, if you have an existing motorcycle or thinking to buy online bikes of your preference. The two-wheeler modification strategy is meant for all to plan in advance before making specific changes to the motorcycle.

Look at other riders who have done it before:

Before getting started with the motorcycle modification, you must look up other rides having the same bike and what they have done to their ride. You must find out who has modified their motorcycles and in what ways. What are the accessories added, colors, parts, and other things? You will decide whether such modifications are looking fine or not or even as per the RTO-compliant laws and regulations. You need to look at it all before buying online bike accessories for your ride.

Make sure you lay your hands on the right accessories:

Another crucial thing to consider is laying hands on the rightful choice of modification accessories. Concerning the same, you must be clear enough as to where you want to modify your motorcycle. Be it the rear or the front end and in what ways possible? You need to look into everything before making specific changes.

Check the compatibility of parts with your bike:

Compatibility is an imperative thing to consider when thinking of changing the overall outlook of your motorcycle. It is necessary to ensure that the rear-view mirror, LED headlamp, unique indicators, paintwork, fender, suspension, or any other modified accessory you add must work seamlessly with your motorcycle. The modifications must not compromise the smooth riding experience of your motorcycle and overall riding performance.

Decide your bike modification budget:

One more crucial thing to keep in mind is the total budget for bike modification. As you already know, there is no such limit to modifying your existing motorcycle and the price can go to any extent as per your limit. It could be thousands to lakhs of rupees you can spend to modify the physical outlook of your motorcycle. So, first, decide your budget and then move towards buying the required motorcycle accessories and do the necessary changes accordingly.

Do not ignore the safety standpoint

It is essential to keep your riding and motorcycle’s safety in the first place when thinking of the required modification. Just remember the fact that any change to your motorcycle’s suspension, brakes, clutch, gear system, body, or tires might have a heavy toll on its safety. Therefore, you must check the accessory’s compatibility and way of experiencing seamless riding pleasure.

Do comply with law-abided modifications

You must look into the law-abiding guidelines while doing the altercations on your motorcycle. Some of the modifications are not permitted by the RTO authority and you might end up paying a heavy fine for the same. For instance, changing the exhaust system is a traffic violation. And if you try to do the same, then you will be levied with heavy fines from the authority. So, from a legal standpoint, you must carefully buy accessories and the required bike spare parts online from a reliable platform.

No need to modify when the bike is under warranty:

One more important thing you should be careful about is avoiding doing any modification when the bike is under warranty. If you do so, then the warranty will be nullified. It happens, for modification purposes, you replace the original spare parts with other trending ones. So, in that case, your motorcycle will lose its warranty benefit and you end up paying a hefty price for facing any part or accessory damage.

Test the modification of your motorcycle:

Lastly, add the tried and tested modification accessories to your motorcycle and ride after that. It is required to check the stability of the modified accessories that are sure to last for a long span of time. In case, the part is not working fine, then get rid of the same with no further delay.

Concluding Thoughts

Customizing the looks of your motorcycle is a matter of enthusiasm and personal riding requirement. Riders can seamlessly and safely modify their bikes based on the above-mentioned strategies. Doing this will help you ensure a hassle-free riding experience ahead and stay protected while traveling.

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