May 28, 2024


Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced Friday the appointment of Justice Renatha Francis to the Florida Supreme Court, calling her a judge with a true appreciation for the constitutional system.

“What we have seen in us Country over Many, Many decades is judges that I have are taken power Far away from of the people elected agents, and they I have legislated from The bench, and this is not theirs role,” DeSantis he said during a press conference in Palm Beach County.

“Theirs role is to Apply The law and Constitution as of written. I agreement with The legislature we I have one Good relationship. But you I know, The legislators no always I am doing large law’s. Sometimes they I am doing things that no work outside as one material of policy, but this is not The of the judge work, to Sit down there as one council of review and change The law. Of The of the people work to chosen People to change the as they I see it fits,” he said, stressing the importance of the courtsdischarge The duties that they I have under The Constitution within The limits of those restrictions.”

DeSantis used his preview to announce the appointment of Judge Renatha Francis, who will replace retiring Florida Supreme Court Justice Al Lawson.

“She is he had but careers before she took in law,” he said, explaining that he believes that “Good thing to I get someone that he came from different backgrounds rather from someone that it was born in one legal family.”

“She it was someone that it was born in Jamaica, migrated from Jamaica, and afterward Really took on law as kind of her second career and he’s got excelled very Well,’ he said, regarding her as someone who ‘understands what the proper role of the judge is in America’s constitutional system.”

She also pointed to her background as an immigrant, who “probably values ​​our constitutional system more” than those born in the US:

I think sometimes people who are born here take it for granted because they have no benchmark to compare a free society in America to different parts of the world. That’s why you see some of the people who have been, you know, really, really strong in the state of Florida in defense of individual liberty and the rule of law. I mean, people whose families escaped communism in Cuba, places like Nicaragua…

DeSantis added that he believes it will serve as an “inspiration” for young people.

“I stand before you the epitome of the American dream. My beginnings are humble,” Francis said during her brief remarks, detailing her background growing up on a small island.

She said she eventually set out to find her place in “the shining city on a hill,” never imagining it would lead her to where she stands now.

“I am not only grateful, but humbled to be a part of this great American experiment and to serve at the highest level of a state judiciary,” he said, stressing the need to respect and uphold the “limited role that judges play in our constitutional system governance”.



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