September 27, 2022

Josh Allen
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The Buffalo Bills have just started training camp and star quarterback Josh Allen has already caused a stir. Normally, he does this with his arm, but this time it was the helmet option.

Before the Bills’ open practice at Highmark Stadium, Allen ran onto the field in a red helmet. Fans in Buffalo were clamoring for an alternate helmet, and the crowd erupted in excitement when Allen jogged onto the field.

As much as fans enjoyed the change, Allen quickly had his red helmet removed and replaced with the standard white helmet, much to the dismay of everyone in attendance. Clearly, the fan base has a thirst for something other than the Bills.

Allen’s stunt caused such a stir that the team even had to issue a statement denying that the red helmets will be worn during the 2022 season. In their post, the Bills playfully threw Allen under the bus.

“Disclaimer: Josh Allen fooled everyone (including his social media manager) and we’re sticking with the white helmets this season,” the Bills tweeted. “Please direct all comments to your favorite QB, (Josh Allen).”

Regardless of the helmet he wears this season, Allen faces high expectations. In 2021, Allen completed 63.3% of his passes for 4,407 yards, 26 touchdowns and 15 interceptions while adding 763 yards and six scores on the ground.

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