February 21, 2024
Can ladies wear socks during Umrah

Socks are a piece of clothes that are worn on the feet and covers the ankles. The question is here; “Can ladies wear socks during Umrah or not?” A woman should put socks or any footwear in Umrah. It will be better and sufficient if she is in ample clothing. There would be no objection if she wears socks and then takes them off. And there isn’t any prohibition for women to cover their feet and can wear socks in the state of Ihram.

It is forbidden for a woman to uncover her feet in front of non-mahram men. Bare feet here means not showing your ankles. If a woman is present in front of a non-mahram then she is obliged to cover her feet with socks or with any cloth. 

However, a woman who is in the state of Ihram may wear whatever clothes or piece of cloth, she wants. She cannot wear Niqab (face covering or veil) and gloves or any other thing which is similar to a veil and gloves.

Do women have to wear socks in the state of Ihram?

As it is already explained that woman has to wear socks, or she can wear a long Abaya in the state of Ihram. But she can’t wear gloves. A woman must cover herself in front of non-mahram men.

There is no objection to socks if it is free of any image. If you have any pictures of a human or animal printed on your socks, you should take them off because Saudi laws do not allow you to do so.

Before going for Umrah, definitely discuss all the concepts and ideas with your concerned agent who is booking your Umrah package and handling your entire trip.

What should be the colour of the socks?

Socks don’t need to be black during Umrah. Even the colour of socks can be other than black but make sure that socks should completely cover the feet and ankles. If you wear white clothes, then wear white socks otherwise the colour will be highlighted. The climate of Makkah is very hot so avoid wearing black as it will absorb more heat, but there is no restriction on black.

Benefits of wearing socks during Umrah

  • Firstly, a woman will protect herself from the sight of non-mahram men.
  • As the climate of Makkah is very hot, so she will protect herself from the hot floor.
  • A woman can get grace and mercy from God by covering herself.
  • During Umrah each pilgrim is very close to Allah and seeks forgiveness so, she can get more grace and reward from Allah and seek forgiveness from past sins.

Umrah Rulings for ladies

Umrah has different rules for men and women, but some are similar for both. So, in this section, we will discuss the rules and rites of Umrah for women.

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Wearing gloves during Umrah

A woman is prohibited to wear gloves during Umrah. Even, anything that is similar to gloves she cannot wear in the state of Ihram. It is not allowed for her to assume Ihram in the two gloves. But, a woman can wear gloves after completing Umrah when she is not in the state of Ihram. There will be no restrictions on wearing gloves after completing the Umrah.

Ihram clothes for ladies 

Women’s Ihram dress should be a loose dress that covers the whole body, not tight-fitting. This dress can have seams and buttons but should not contain bright colours. The Ihram dress may be in black or white dress. There is no ban on colour for women especial when they are on the journey of Hajj and Umrah except for bright colours. Hands and face should remain exposed in the dress. Women should wear that shoes in the state of Ihram that covers the entire foot.     

Shortening the hairs

Shortening or cutting the hairs of the head in Umrah for a woman is called Taqsir, which is wajib (obligatory) if one has hair on the head. Women are directed to cut their hair equal to their fingertips. When doing Taqsir a minimum amount of hair should be trimmed equal to the fingertip from all ends of the hair. 

Performing Saee

Saee is an important ritual of Umrah. Performing seven rounds of walking forth and back between the two hills Safa and Marwah is known as Saee. Ritual Saee is performed due to the remembrance of the actions of Hajira (wife of Ibrahim A.S). Women may not run, but they can walk because they are directed to cover themselves as running may expose their bodies. 

Using cosmetics or makeup

Women should not use makeup during Umrah. They should avoid using makeup. Not physical beauty is the goal here. Also, avoid using any type of perfume or scent. These are personal care products. They can use an unscented version of these products in Ihram. Moreover, do not apply henna on your hands during Umrah.    

Where to buy socks for Umrah?

You may use personal socks during Umrah. But personal socks are often very colourful. As Abaya of women is white or black, so it is recommended to use white or black socks. You may buy socks from any shop in Makkah and you may buy them from your city before going to Umrah. Now, online shopping platforms are also available. 

Today, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has set up a system to guide and assist Umrah pilgrims using the ideas of technology. They provide toll-free numbers of scholars who have the expertise to understand and guide anyone in their language. To complete your Umrah well, Labbaik Hajj Umrah is another popular agency for Muslims across the UK.

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